Swimming pool heating pumps

Your swimming pool is an investment your want to utilize to the maximum, but the temperature is often too low to be
really comfortable. You no longer have to hesitate about heating your pool from early spring to autumn, in the most energy-
saving and ecological way, using a natural energy source. Thanks to the sun there is an enormous mass of heat stored
in the air. A PACMASTER heating pump takes more than 80% of the required heat out of the ambient outdoor air to which only
less than 20% energy has to be added. One needs to buy less than ¼ of the required heat in the form of electricity whereas
¾ is provided free from nature!

Working principle

The operation of an air/water heat pump is based on the cooling principle applicable in any cooling installation, making use
of the thermal energy drawn by the evaporator from a heat source (air) in order to heat another medium (water) with this
energy – via a condenser, with as little energy input as possible and with as much heat output as possible (C.O.P.).