The most important but also the most difficult aspect of an indoor swimming pool is the moisture household.
Due to the difference between the pool water and the ambient air, the relative humidity can increase to 95% and even more.
This will cause fungus, discolouring and other inconveniences. Independent of all structural precautions, it is impossible to
create a comfortable indoor climate without using an installation that will be able to control the moisture household and will
above all guarantee a normal and constant relative humidity of 60 to 65%. The solution is a professional dehumidifier that
dehumidifies and heats the ambient air sufficiently fast.

Working principle

The AIRMASTER works according to the cooling unit principle: a fan sucks in humid, warm air which is lead over a cold
evaporator where the air is cooled to a temperature under the dew point. The moisture condenses and will be evacuated.
The air will no longer contain humidity and will be blown back in the room. When using a conventional dehumidifier, about 525
watt evaporation heat will be lost per litre condensation. The AIRMASTER recuperates both the evaporation heat and the
consumed electric energy, by which the cost of energy of the installation declines.